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Excellent Lawyer

Mr. Maloof is a good man with integrity. And has high character if you hired Mr.Maloof you cant bet your boots you going WIN!!!! Mr Maloof has experience. Me, and my family trust Mr.. Maloof. He will be in your corner. I known Mr. Maloof for over 20 years. Mr. Maloof believe in me until I believe in my self. Thank You Mr. Maloof

Posted by Veronica Powell August 31, 2015

Defense for my Son


Posted by DWIGHT September 9, 2015

Glad we had him on our side

I have dealt with Attorneys in the past for several legal issues. But working with Mr. Maloof was different. He was easily approachable, explained things so I would understand them and he never put our case on the back burner. And he was up front with his charges.

Posted by Patrick September 6, 2015

Hired Attorney

Mr. Maloof was hired by my family in 2014in for a VOP & new charge...All I can say is, Mr. Maloof was truly a blessing. He's a "GET DOWN TO BUSINESS" Attorney, honest, and yes straight to the point, NO SUGAR COATING...After a messy dealing with another attorney, who crapped "bull crapped" us around for NO REASON, we dismissed him and hired Mr. Maloof-by word of mouth and was very, very pleased with the TOTAL EXPERIENCE & OUTCOME of my sons case. We need more attorneys like him. May God continue to BLESS you Mr. Maloof...

Posted by Niki September 5, 2015

Georgia "SUPER LAWYER" is Modest for Mr. Maloof!!!

In 2009 I was arrested in Dekalb County and charged with possession, distribution, 2 "Sell" cases....Long Story short, i was AFRAID i could lose my freedom. A good friend recommended Michael Maloof Sr. I went & met Mr Maloof, he laid it out for me, several different ways my case could go, then, after hiring him, he told me not worry about it. Hearing Mr. Maloof say this, put my mind at ease. Any questions I had at any point between the time we first met, until the time we went to Court, Mr. Maloof was there to answer. The day we went to court is when i FULLY realized what a great decision it was to hire Michael Maloof Sr, walking into the Court House, which is named after Mr. Maloof's father, EVERYONE in the building treated Mr Maloof with the upmost Respect, we walked in the Court room, Mr Maloof Spoke to the Prosecutor, within 5 minutes, instead of worrying about how long i COULD go to prison, i was RELIEVED w/ a plea bargain of 2 years probation! We were in & out of the court room within 10 min! Mr Maloof SAVED my life that day. ANYTIME since then, ANY situation, If I need a Lawyer, Mr. Michael Maloof Sr is my Guy!!!!

Posted by James September 3, 2015

Simply The Best

Mr. Maloof handle my cases in a thorough, precise and professional manner. Anytime I have needed his services he has always managed to provide an overwhelmingly positive outcome. He is the epitome of a great lawyer and he will also take the time to encourage you to make better choices in the future. Me and my family are thanful for his services.

Posted by DJ August 30, 2015

Helps and makes you feel at ease with everything

Mr. Maloof is a wonderful attorney! He is incredibly knowledgeable about the law. He even knows of recently closed and on going cases in the supreme court that lead to rulings that may also be applied to your case. He made me feel very at easy with everything, but yet laid everything out so that I understood all the facts and possibilities. I highly recommend him to any and everyone I know facing criminal charges.

Posted by Jason September 11, 2015

Great lawyer with a legendary reputation

I was arrested and charged based on an accusation from an ex girlfriend back in July 2011. I bonded out and was complying with my bond conditions but the bonding company went off of my bond for no reason or fault of my own but at the behest of another individual associated with the ex girlfriend's grandfather. I told my mother I wanted Maloof as my lawyer because I had heard of him through my barber and I had heard of his reputation. Everyone I came in contact with that knew of Mr. Maloof told me I was in good hands. While I was in jail it turned out that the roommate I had was a former Maloof client as well, and told me that Mr. Maloof had saved his life (got a murder charge dismissed), and even the judge at my first bond hearing informed me that I had a great lawyer, to do whatever he tells me to, and I was in good hands. Mr. Maloof visited me in jail multiple times. He is a no-nonsense attorney, he is very straightforward. He got my money back from the bonding company, and he made sure my probation in another county did not get violated. Maloof kept me out of prison, and kept me from going back to jail. During every meeting he always emphasized the fact that I need to stay out of trouble, because jail is not a fun place to be. Very straightforward lawyer for the people!

Posted by Jason September 11, 2015

DUI Representation

Mike did a great job. I was releasesd on bond late Fri afternoon with an initial court date of the following Monday. He met me on Sunday afternoon and took my case. After 29 months lost in Fulton Cty Courts, he got me the best possible decision I could ever hoped for. He is very diligent, smart, and knows the ends and outs of Fulton County.

Posted by Don September 18, 2015

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